yad4u How do I stop Wordpress dashboard widgets from being dragged?

How do I stop Wordpress dashboard widgets from being dragged?

I'm setting up Wordpress 3.0.1 for a novice user. The Dashboard widgets are appropriately placed, and I'd like them to stay that way. As far as I know, there's no add_filter or add_action hook to prevent dragging, so another approach would be to make a plugin that uses jQuery to disable dragging. What handler(s) would I override -- click, mouseUp, mouseMove, etc -- and on which DOM elements?

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Maybe the easiest thing to do is prevent the new order from being saved.

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This will let the user change the order, but it won't save the changes for the next time the page is loaded..
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You want to prevent the meta-box-order ajax event:.
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add_action('check_ajax_referer', 'prevent_meta_box_order'); function prevent_meta_box_order($action) {     if ('meta-box-order' == $action /* && $wp_user == 'santa claus' */) {         die('-1');     } } 
There are probably other actions you want to prevent too.

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Open Firebug and check out which requests to admin-ajax.php are made when you do stuff that you would like to prevent.

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Or hide the Screen Options tab with CSS..
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Use a Roles plugin like WordPress › Role Scoper « WordPress Plugins to restrict what the user can do.

Not a good idea to edit core files, as your changes will get overwritten on upgrade..

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