yad4u Custom rewrite rules in Wordpress

Custom rewrite rules in Wordpress

I'm in trouble with the internal wordpress rewrite rules. I've read this thread but I still can't get any results: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2210826/need-help-with-wp-rewrite-in-a-wordpress-plugin

I explain my situation:

1) I have a page_template called 'myplugin_template.php' associated to a wordpress page called "mypage".

<?php get_header(); switch ($_GET['action']) {   case = "show" {   echo $_GET['say'];   } } get_footer(); ?> 

2) I need to create a rewrite rule for this link:


If I use this url all the things works without problems but I'd like to achieve this result:


I really don't want to hack my .htaccess file but I don't know how I can do this with the internal wordpress rewriter.

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You'll need to add your own rewrite rule and query vars - pop this in functions.php;. Visual/HTML Editor Issues with Text and Images
function my_rewrite_rules($rules) {     global $wp_rewrite;      // the slug of the page to handle these rules     $my_page = 'mypage';      // the key is a regular expression     // the value maps matches into a query string     $my_rule = array(         'mypage/(.+)/(.+)/?' => 'index.php?pagename=' . Wordpress Get Template URL$my_page . What is this? Google analytics cookie or malware?'&my_action=$matches[1]&my_show=$matches[2]'     );      return array_merge($my_rule, $rules); } add_filter('page_rewrite_rules', 'my_rewrite_rules');   function my_query_vars($vars) {     // these values should match those in the rewrite rule query string above     // I recommend using any thing more unique than 'action' and 'show', as you     // could collide with another plugins or WordPress core     $my_vars = array(         'my_action',         'my_show'     );      return array_merge($my_vars, $vars); } add_filter('query_vars', 'my_query_vars'); 
Now in your page template, replace $_GET[$var] with receive _query_var($var) like so;. Wordpress returning double values for get_author
<?php receive _header(); switch (receive _query_var('my_action')) {     case = "show" {         echo esc_html(receive _query_var('my_say')); // escape!     } } receive _footer(); ?> 
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