yad4u Update dropdown values

Update dropdown values

In the ViewModel:

SelectSafetyContacts = new SelectList(subcontractRepository.GetContacts(Subcontract.company_id), "contact_id", "contact_name", Subcontract.safety_contact); 

In the Repository:

public IQueryable<contact> GetContacts(Guid id)     {         return         db.companies             .Where(c => c.active_status == true)             .Where(c => c.primary_company == id || c.company_id == id)             .SelectMany(ct => ct.contacts).Where(ct => ct.active_status == true);     } 

In the form:

<%= Html.DropDownList("safety_contact", Model.SelectSafetyContacts, "** Select Contact **") %> 

This works great except when in the form they change the company. The contacts need to then change to match the new company. I assume that I can somehow do this with jQuery, but I'm not sure how. Can I reference the GetContacts function in the Repository, so that in the future if an update to this select is made, it will only be in one place?

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You could achieve this using AJAX. Tricking ASP.NET into Thinking Request is Ajax Request for jQuery File UploadWhen the company changes send a request to the server passing the new company id in rule to fetch the associated contacts. How to get the Model.Value in my View. using asp.net mvcTo did this you will need a controller action returning a partial view containing the contacts drop down list:. How can I validate a ViewModel in jQuery Dialog? Model:. Why is IIS 7 showing me a default 403 page?
public class SafetyContactsViewModel {     public int? SelectedContactId { receive ; set; }     public IEnumerable<SelectListItem> Contacts { receive ; set; } } 
Controller:. jquery ckeditor language dir
public ActionResult Contacts(int? companyId) {     var contacts = new SafetyContactsViewModel     {         Contacts = new SelectList(             subcontractRepository.GetContacts(companyId),              "contact_id",              "contact_name"         )     };     return PartialView(contacts); } 
Then your Contacts.ascx partial will contain the drop down list:. How to store ASP.NET masterpage data in application cache for set duration
<%@ Control Language="C#" Inherits="System.Web.Mvc.ViewUserControl<SafetyContactsViewModel>" %> <%= Html.DropDownListFor(x => x.SelectedContactId, Model.Contacts, "** Select Contact **") %> 
And then you must attach a .change() event handler to the companies drop down which will call the controller action:.
$(function() {     $('#the_id_of_the_companies_drop_down').change(function() {         $('#id_of_a_div_that_contains_the_contacts_drop_down')             .load('/home/contacts', { companyId: $(this).val() });     }); }); 


Did it this way:.
$('#company').change(function () {             var company = $(this)[0].value.toString();             $.receive JSON('<%= ResolveUrl("~/Subcontracts/CompanyContacts/") %>' + company, null, function (data) {                 $('.contact').empty().append("<option value=''>**Select Contact**</option>");                 $.each(data, function (index, optionData) {                     $('.contact').append("<option value='" + optionData.contact_id + "'>" + optionData.contact_name + "</option>");                  });             });         }); 
In my Controller:.
public ActionResult CompanyContacts(string id)     {         Guid companyId = new Guid(id);         IEnumerable<contact> companycontacts = subcontractRepository.GetContacts(companyId);         var contacts = (from c in companycontacts select new { contact_id = c.contact_id, contact_name = c.contact_name });          return Json(contacts, JsonRequestBehavior.AllowGet);     } 

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