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jQuery + ASP.net MVC

Here is the problem. lets say I have a product category table and a product table. by using foreach statement getting categories making them a html table and putting products inside the table as a radio group. so 3 product categories makes three different html table and inside the tablo i m listing the product as radio buttons.

when user selects an product i'm using jquery post statement and send some data. I'm using below jquery to understand which radio button selected.

$(document).ready(function () {     $("input[name='AD']:radio").change(function () {         var data = $("input[name='AD']:checked").val();         $.post("/Configure/UpdateAd/", { id: $(this).val() }, function (data) {             update($("#bottomRightA"), data);         });     }); }); 

And it works! but

here I have a problem.


I m using this way to differentiate radio groups based on category.

input type="radio" name="<%: model.CategoryName%> value="<%:model.CategoryId%>" 

if I make all radio buttons name 'up', they become the same group as expected. and I cant tell the jquery which radio group is selected. Is there a way to use jquery with some kind of mvc nuggets?. Like below

input[name='" + <%: model.CategoryName + "'] 

or anything I can do with jQuery?

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If I understand you right, you want to hook up all radio buttons, but treat the categories separately..
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You can pick up the name of the changed radio button and use that in the code:.
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$(function () {   $("input:radio").change(function () {     var name = $(this).attr("name");     var data = $("input[name='"+name+"']:checked").val();     $.post("/Configure/Update"+name+"/", { id: data }, function (data) {       update($("#bottomRightA"), data);     });   }); }); 

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