yad4u How to get the Url for urlAction helper class?
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How to get the Url for urlAction helper class?

I am using Asp.net MVC.

I want to send a url of my application in a mail. So That instead of sending url like "/Home/Index", I'd like to use url.action() method, as I've modified my url for IIS 7.0 classic mode (e.g. "/home.aspx/Index").

So How can I do that in C#?

We may need to use constructor, But don't have clear idea...

Add another propertymapping? (AutoMapper)


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Significant advantages of ASP.NET MVC
Url.Action("MyAction", "MyController") 
The code above should produce: /MyController/MyAction Or in your case, using classic mode: /MyController.aspx/MyAction . ASP.NET MVC application fires Session_Start multiple times for a single session

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