yad4u AJAX with Jquery in ASP.MVC2

AJAX with Jquery in ASP.MVC2

I'd like to get something via Ajax and put it into

What i have to return from Controler Action to put this into that DIV? Right now i had standard ASP.MVC view as result...

public ActrionResult MyAction() {    return View(); } 

and in javascript i have:

$.get(<url to controler action>, null, function(data) { $(#result).html(data); }) 

Typical action associated with MyAction, with reload page works perfect. but when i do $.get(...) i got whole page in "data" (content and master page). How can i get only part of View(), without MsterPage??

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You could return a partial:. is there a way to programatically set a filter in jquery jqgrid?
public ActrionResult MyAction()  {    return PartialView(); } 
Where you have MyAction.ascx partial containing any HTML fragment:. Asp.net MVC utilising WCF
<%@ Control Language="C#" Inherits="System.Web.Mvc.ViewUserControl" %> <div>Hello</div> 
And you inject this partial using an AJAX call into the #result div:. Which strategy to choose for building web based business application
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You'll want to use .
public ActrionResult MyAction() {     var stuff = new { id = 1, name = "test" }; //or whatever stuff you need in your page     return Json(stuff); } 
from your ActionResult method. .


As an alternative to a json response, you must return the html. All you need to did is to filter and receive the html this you want to append from the 'data' variable..
$.receive (<url to controler action>, null, function(data) {                $('#result').html($(data).find('#partOfViewID').html());                }); 


that's not a problem with jquery / ajax. you need an action this returns a partial view. not one this returns a view with a master page. . you must use this part:.
$.receive (, null, function(data) { $(#result).html(data); }).
although your action will have to have a partial view associated with it, not a regular view with a master page.. so make a new action. add a view to it, check the partial view checkbox. and put whatever you want to be reloaded in this partial view. .

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