GUI shell script editor with function overview

GUI shell script editor with function overview

Is there an editor for Unix shell scripts such as Bash that has a kind of function overview as most Eclipse editors? I have a really large shell script with a lot of functions here and I want to move quickly from one function to next.

Or is there any other way to get such an overview?

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The VIM taglist plugin also works for shell scripts.

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If you are a VIM user you might consider it...

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It offers you a function list in a window split on the left, which you can use to navigate to function definitions..
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As I'm mostly on Windows environments I had a look to Notepad++ plugins and found the Function List plugin.

It's mainly what I'm looking for.

As there is no documentation by the author have a look at an introductory blog post..


Geany can hold this easily, maybe worst the effort of a linux virtual machine inside your windows, so you can use this and others tools when it comes in handy.

But Notepad++ is amazing.

gedit have plugins deleveloped for this too..

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