Load data under jQueryUI tabs with no AJAX call

Load data under jQueryUI tabs with no AJAX call

I want to load data by on click of the jQuery ui tabs. If I provide the links in tabs href then its automatically calling by AJAX, but i want to get data by normal request. basically my page is search page where there are different searches will perform on each Tabs and also maintain the search states. If I use AJAX then I cant save the search states .

please help me. i shall very thankful to you.

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Have you tried simply injecting the content you want to display straight into the tab's body and not setting anything ajax specific?.
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Essentially you should add a listener to the tab menu and then injecting the content into the tab's body.

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Something along the lines of:.
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$("#tabs ul li a").click( function () {                                   var id = $(this).attr("href");                                   $(id).html( fetch-content() );                          }) 
That should be it..
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