How many ways there are to declare variables in facelets?

How many ways there are to declare variables in facelets?

I noticed that c:set does not work well used inside "include of include of include", as important notice facelets documentation does't recommend it too.

Now I am using ui:param inside ui:include, but it is a bit dispersive when no attached notes about params comes with the include, is there something other way to declare "global vars"?

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This is really a matter of trying to fit old JSP programming into the JSF framework.

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You should be using backing beans to hold your data..
RichFaces rich:panel header not appearing
If you try to hard-code data directly into your xhtml file, you are defeating the purpose of JSF's MVC framework.

How do i append query string from managed bean to url? JSF
If you have a specific example of what you are trying to do, I could give you a specific recommendation..
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