Does F# support templates or Generics?

Does F# support templates or Generics?

I want to implement a heap data structure and want to apply the code to any type that supports comparison, i.e. < = > <= >= operations.

How to do this in F# as it is statically typed.

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It does, but you have to annotate as follows:.
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type Thing<'a when 'a:comparison> =     | Pair of ('a*'a)     with        member m.InOrder() =          match m with         | Pair (a,b) when a<=b -> true         | _ -> false       member m.Equal() =         match m with          | Pair (a,b) when a=b -> true         | _ -> false  Pair(1,2).InOrder() //true Pair(3,2).InOrder() //false Pair(42,42).Equal() //true 
Try replacing Thing<'a when 'a:comparison> by Thing<'a when 'a:equality> to watch the InOrder() method fail, while Equal() still works.

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Replace Thing<'a when 'a:comparison> by Thing<'a> and both methods won't work..
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Yes it does support generics - look at this as an example..

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