Bash timestamp comparisions

Bash timestamp comparisions

Im completely new to Bash scripting but I've been told, with little help, to create a file that compresses textures into PVR format only if the file has been modified since the last time the script was run. Heres the code I have so far:

 # variables TEXTURE_TOOL=/Developer/Platforms/iPhoneOS.platform/Developer/usr/bin/texturetool INPUT_DIR="/Data/Mobile" OUTPUT_DIR="/Data/iPhone" IMAGE_GREP="\(.bmp\|.png\)" OTHER_GREP="\.b3d$"  echo "Starting backup of directory $INPUT_DIR to directory $OUTPUT_DIR"  # cycle through the input directory for images we can compress echo "Compressing textures!" for i in $( ls -a "$INPUT_DIR" | grep $IMAGE_GREP  );       do         if test "$OUTPUT_DIR/$i.pvr" -nt "$INPUT_DIR/$i"; then     	# check to see output's status     	echo "Compressing file $i!"      	# compress and store in output directory     	$TEXTURE_TOOL -m -e PVRTC --bits-per-pixel-2 -o "$OUTPUT_DIR/$i.pvr" -f PVR "$INPUT_DIR/$i"         fi      done  # cycle through the input directory for models we can export echo "Moving models!" for i in $( ls -a "$INPUT_DIR" | grep $OTHER_GREP  );       do     	# check to see output's status     	echo "Moving model file $i!"      	# cp to output directory     	cp "$INPUT_DIR/$i" "$OUTPUT_DIR/$i"      done  

Using one of the questions here I tried to do the timestamp checking but I it isnt working and I'm pretty sure its because I dont fully understand the code.

Can anyone suggest what Im doing wrong

Thanks, Michael A

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Doing things only if some files are newer than expected is best achieved with make.

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test "$OUTPUT_DIR/$i.pvr" -nt "$INPUT_DIR/$i"; 
Checks to see if $OUTPUTDIR/$i.pvr is newer than $INPUTDIR/$i, I think you want to do it the other way around..
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test "$INPUT_DIR/$i" -nt "$OUTPUT_DIR/$i.pvr"; 
To check to see fi the input is newer than the output..

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